Vendor Rules

Food safety is our primary concern. Each truck owner is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all applicable licenses and permits that are required by the city of Houston and the State of Texas for a mobile food unit operation. Furthermore, each truck will have a qualified food service certified person on board at all times to ensure the safety of the products being served. Non-compliance with city, state, and federal regulations are grounds for expulsion from the park.

As part of the fee, Houston Grub Park will make available: daily trash removal, restrooms, pest control, parking, and outdoor seating. Houston Grub Park is not responsible for any equipment failures, food spoilage, or losses caused by an outage or equipment failure. Wireless internet service will not be provided in the park.

Each truck owner is responsible for the safety and upkeep of their individual truck. All cords, fuel, and accessories will be maintained by a qualified technician. All refrigeration will be maintained and in good working order and include thermometers, as per state health code requirements. Each truck must have a fire extinguisher on board at all times.

Participating trucks may not use additional signage, tables, sheds, coolers, or obstructions outside of the perimeter of the truck without approval from Houston Grub Park management. Electrical cords must be arranged in a manner as to not obstruct patrons or create hazards. Excessive lighting is prohibited. Trucks must not amplify music. Potential fire hazard items are prohibited.

Houston Grub Park does not allow trucks to remain on site outside of operational days. Thursday through Sunday trucks must be locked and secured every night. Each truck owner is responsible for the safety and security of its own truck. No truck will offer anything for sale that could be considered illegal, immoral or otherwise considered lewd, sexual, or not family friendly.

Participating trucks cannot discriminate based on race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

All participating trucks are hereby notified that video cameras are in place and recording activity of the park.

Participating trucks must distribute provided Houston Grub Park promotional items with all orders.

Each truck must offer Black Service Chamber card-carrying members a minimum 10% off discount on their orders.

Participating trucks must notify guests when wait times are over 30 minutes by using the red light required on food trucks.