Houston Grub Park to host Christmas at the Park

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. It is a time for creating memories and sharing moments with loved ones. But every year thousands of Houstonians spend Christmas alone. For them, Christmas is a long week of isolation. Many of them have moved to Houston for work or school and it is not feasible for them to travel home for the holidays. In some cases, these Houstonians have no family left at all. This is why Max Bozeman II, owner of The Greasy Spoon Soul Food Bistro, and the Houston Grub Park created Christmas at the Park. “To whom much is given, much is required. And we’ve been truly blessed by the city and beyond,” states Bozeman.

“Not only is it our duty to do our best to take care of our people, it’s a privilege. No family left behind. No mother, no father, no child. Thank you for supporting us, as well as the opportunity to serve you during this holiday season.”

Max Bozeman IIowner of The Greasy Spoon Soul Food Bistro

The Houston Grub Park, Houston’s largest food truck park, is located at 1615 S Loop W (across from NRG Stadium). Every week the Houston Grub Park host over 15 different black-owned food trucks Thursday through Sunday. Christopher Bush, the Director of the Houston Grub Park, and the Black Service Chamber gives all the credit for the creation of the event to Bozeman. “This event is truly the brainchild of Max Bozeman. He wanted to create an event for Thanksgiving where those spending the holiday alone would have somewhere to go and get a hot meal. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow to proceed with the event. Hosting it on Christmas was the next best thing.”

Christmas at the Park will offer a place of community for people to gather, eat, and enjoy. Each guest will receive one free meal ticket and one free dessert ticket to redeem at the vendor of their choice. Regular menu items will be available for purchase. Wearing a mask is encouraged when not eating, and all tables will have hand sanitizers, which were also provided by Max Bozeman at the grand opening of the park back in July.

Also participating in the event is Mary Ellen’s Kitchen (seafood boils) and Saucy Nosh (southern style egg rolls). “Food brings everyone together for the right reasons,” says Darius of Mary Ellen’s Kitchen. “Family, friends, and fellowship. Mary Ellen’s Kitchen wants to touch everyone from our hearts to theirs.”

“Christmas at the Park allows us to support communities through food and we’re rolling love and soul in every eggroll.”

Lynn Fieldsowner of Saucy Nosh

The Christmas at the Park event is Friday, December 24 from 11am to 2pm. Eleven Park vendors will participate, including:

  • Barnes Treats
  • Chitalian Pizzeria
  • GFE Boil Bar
  • Krack Kitchen
  • Mary Ellen’s Kitchen
  • My Granny’s Food Truck
  • OMG Baked Potatoes
  • Saucy Nosh
  • The Greasy Spoon
  • The Peach Cobbler Lady
  • Trap Kitchen Hibachi

Each vendor will provide a unique meal offering from their specialty cuisine. From pizza and eggrolls to soul food and seafood, Houston Grub Park vendors will delight guests with a unique meal for any palate.

Joseph James, owner of OMG Baked Potatoes shared why it is so important for his team to participate in this event. “We know a lot of people continue to support us and there are so many people that are without during the holidays, so we will be honored to give back and be able to provide free meals for this wonderful city and surrounding areas!”

For more information, email info@blackservicechamber.com or visit our website: www.houstongrubpark.com.

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